The Piano Lab

A New Music Program Begins at LCS

At the 2018 LCS Dinner & Auction, a challenge was issued to raise funds for a new music training program which incorporated the use of pianos in a classroom setting. The “Piano Lab,” as it was dubbed, would allow students from elementary through high school to be introduced to instrumental music and music theory using one of the most iconic instruments on earth. 

Within weeks of the funds being raised, our plan suddenly changed when the original manufacturer discontinued the entire program we had planned to implement. Our vocal music teacher, Mrs. Zeng, and our director of advancement, Mrs. Black, and our CEO, Dr. Colman worked to specify a solution that would provide the benefits of the original plan, but with even better technology. As of this November, the vision of the piano lab was realized.

Students in first through fifth grades were given a “sneak peek” of the lab space in early November, as the new training program will begin this month, in January. “The students of all ages are very excited about the lab and we are very thankful we have this amazing resource,” said Mrs. Zeng.

Each piano “station” can provide training for one or two users simultaneously. Users wear headphones to follow along as they play. According to the manufacturer, the keyboards have three modes of operation; Lecture, Practice and Group. In Lecture Mode, students hear the teacher’s microphone and instrument as well as their own instruments. In Practice Mode, students hear only his or her own instrument and the teacher has the option of eavesdropping or initiating two-way communication. In Group Mode, students can listen to the instruments and microphones of other group members. Each keyboard can also connect to more advanced equipment (computers, etc.) as the program develops.

“Music education like the piano lab has been proven to improve language skills, test scores, listening skills, math skills, relieve stress, improve creativity, and raise self-esteem,” said Mrs. Black. “Thank you to all who helped us provide this exciting new learning opportunity for our students! We look forward to seeing and hearing the fruits of this investment in our school community!”


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