Roots and Shoots

"You can only anticipate the future if you can call the past to mind." - Umberto Eco
Dutch uncles and English cousins with a dash of Scottish and Irish and a sprinkle of German. That makes up our contribution to the American melting pot.
I like to live in the past lane. Come follow my footprints in time as we examine our roots. To know our ancestral past allows us a deeper look into ourselves. As scripture says, behaviors are passed down unto the third and forth generation.

I had a major computer disaster in March 2017. Desktop, laptop, and external drives all died within 24 hours. Thankfully I had backed up the desktop computer to BackBlaze, or all would be gone. I could hardly breathe while this was happening because I've been collecting family information for 60 years. To increase the anxiety, my TMG database was fatally corrupted; I could not open any files. Some dear person on the TMG Forum helped me by fixing a file so I could open my database, however I no longer trusted it so I moved on to RootsMagic. I still don't know what I lost from my research laptop, but have identified about 200 missing people that need to be added by copying from this website. Even though this is November, I still am recovering from the mess. This is a long way of saying that I can't update this website - at least at this point.

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